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Questionario ETF sui contratti di impiego nel Trasporto Aereo continentale

Trasmettiamo di seguito il link ad un'importante iniziativa di ETF (European Transport Workers' Federation) basata su un questionario relativo alle varie tipologie di contratto di impiego nel settore del Trasporto Aereo continentale, con un particolare "Focus" sulle Compagnie Low Cost.
Come di seguito indicato, il questionario da compilare richiede poco più di 10 minuti del Nostro tempo.
Nell'interesse di tutti, auspichiamo la massima partecipazione possibile all'iniziativa.

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1 settembre 2014

To the PWG members
Dear colleagues,
the ETF is an associated member of a project on bogus self-employment run by the European Cockpit Association (ECA) and co-financed by the European Commission (EC). The aim of this project is to study new forms of employment in the aviation sector. As a part of this study, the University of Ghent (Department of Social Law) is conducting a survey on bogus self-employment of pilots. We would highly appreciate if you could dedicate approx. 12 minutes of your time and fill in a short questionnaire.
You will find a link to the survey here. The website is also optimized for handheld devices (tablets, mobile phones etc.).
Thank you in advance for participating.
Best regards,

François Ballestero
Political Secretary for Civil Aviation and Tourism
European Transport Workers' Federation